The famous Brumm-Rudge

Friedrich Brumm was a Rudge-Dealer located in Berlin and an excellent Tuner who made his Rudges quicker then the Works-racers. His Driver Hans Richnow won the German Championship in 1933 on the 350cc Brumm-Rudge. Even He was able to get Works- Material he had his own Ideas how to make them faster. The 1933 Brumm had a lot of german Parts inside and a  Works Bronze Head Schleiz 1937

Here You can see Aluminium- Rims on both Wheels, Megaphones, the Front Forks are wrapped for better aerodynamics and a big Shield to protect the rear Tyre from Oil ....

... but not the famous Two- Carb- Cylinder- Head! The Head and Aluminium-Cylinders where casted after Patterns that Brumm made at the BMW factory !!! in Munich (BMW had the modernst Foundry for casting Aluminium in that time) for the price of 27 Reichsmark for the Kilogramm. He used the 500 cc Crankshaft for a shorter Stroke of 88 mm instead 90,5 mm. The Bore increased from 70 to 71 mm, and He used Dural-Pushrods

The Aluminium- Rims donīt had the Rudge System of the Spokes. Engine- and Gearbox- Plates in Aluminium, the later Gearbox- Case with the longer Oil-Filler, Right-Hand- Gearchange- Pedal , TT-Carbs, bigger Oiltank, Rudge-Forks but no coppled Brakes, front Engine Plates longer then standard...

 the Weight of the Bike was reduced from 140kg to 118kg but the Chassis was made stronger   .

(Sachsenring 1938 Motorrennsportarchiv Jordan)

 last Evolution before the War was the Use of the BMW R5-Front- Forks (1939):

(Sachsenring 1939 Motorrennsportarchiv Jordan)


Engine Plates and Cradle Plates are connected with an extra Stay to the Rear! Look at the Spark-Plug-Spanner on his Leg and  the little Windshield


The Forks increased the total Weight a little bit but made it faster. After the War Richnow tried to do a Comeback:   

This was in 1950, no TT-Carbs and instead of the prewar raceframe a standard frame which was originally designed for rear magneto engines was adopted with self made engine- and cradle plates.  ( both pictures Sachsenring 1950 Motorrennsportarchiv Jordan)

On this photo you can spot nice details like the finned brakedrum which identifies the worksbrake. The rear swinging arm conversion was done by Albert TH. Muench from Nieder-Florstadt (Father of the wellknown Friedel Muench) !

This postwarversion  was bought by austrian Rudge Enthusiast Helmut Krackowizer. But it was decided to rebuild it to the prewar version with girder forks. The restorer took the job a little easy as he used the wrong type of frame and made changes to shifting and rear brake for not known reasons. Some details like the saddle mount and the system of chain adjustment are the typical "handwriting" of the restorer and can be spotted on some other Rudge Racers that were build by him.   


 this Picture was taken at Zolder HGP 1987 by Patrick De Maeyer who was so kind to give it to me (Thanks Patrick!)


It is a bit sad that an original race bike with a lot of history was destroyed to build a Replica that looks quite different to the Original.

But the not used parts found a new owner and especially the rear swinging arm could proove easy where it came from.


It was a long and hard way and for sure not a cheap one, but the new owner knew how to handle a piece of Motorsport history and made a quite perfect Replica of the Postwar Brumm.

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